"Love what you do; don't be an a**hole."

[Disclaimer: I tried to name this blog something else but it just kept coming back to this. Sorry, Mom.]

This new favorite quote is by Nathan Durfee, Charleston artist and one of the speakers at last week's Pecha Kucha 20 in Charleston, SC.  Every now and again, thanks to deadlines, Quickbooks and contracts, we at Rush3 are in desperate need of inspiration.  Inspiration, not just as a muse for our own work, but inspiration to keep evolving, upping our game, having fun and making a living among Charleston's working class creatives.  And Pecha Kucha fits that bill every time.  Part show and tell, part happy hour, part creative people on inspiring soap boxes, Pecha Kucha, Japanese for the sound of conversation, is like nothing you have ever experienced.  Unless you have, in which case you know how dope it is.

#pkchs 20 poster

#pkchs 20 poster

Pecha Kucha 20 about to start.  Each speaker has 6:40 min with 20 slides for 20 seconds each to share their story.

Pecha Kucha 20 about to start.  Each speaker has 6:40 min with 20 slides for 20 seconds each to share their story.

Last week's event marked the 20th time Charleston's Creative Parliament crafted another bad-ass and inspiring event and it did not disappoint. There were clouds hanging from Charleston Music Hall's ceiling, a balloon drop and DJ's Cassidy + the Kid.  There was also grown-up stuff like the City of Charleston Mayor Joe Riley's proclamation deeming November 20th "Creative Parliament Day."  And Steve Warner with the Charleston Regional Development Alliance shared that the creative cluster - made up of artists, chefs, architects, graphic designers, musicians etc. - collectively make a $3.2 billion (billion!) impact on the local economy and account for about 6.4% of the area's workforce.  Validation and inspiration for those who loved to color outside the lines in elementary school.  

So, what inspires us at Rush3? Thoughtful design. History.  Being around people who are doing what they love.  Charleston. Seeing creative people taking risks and swinging for the fences.  The Sugar Hill Gang.  Coffee.  Great architecture.  People who refuse to be anyone but themselves.  Thinking differently.  And all of the other speakers at PKN20:

Sully Sullivan, Photographer

Paul Roof, Holy City Beard + Mustache Society, CSU Professor of Sociology

Marcus Amaker, designer, poet, musician

Gil Shuler, graphic designer

Ethan Jackson, advertising creative house

Ayoka Lucas, fashion stylist

Buff Ross, graphic designer

No matter your profession, talent or cluster, love what you do and.....well you know the rest.