"Can it core a apple?"

For those of you who grew up watching reruns of "The Honeymooners" like I did you will recognize this quote from the episode where Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleeson) and Ed Norton (Art Carney) go on TV to sell the "Handy Housewife Helper" kitchen utensil in one of Ralph's hair-brained schemes to get rich quick.  (For those of you who haven't seen it, yes Ed says "a apple" instead of "an apple" which for some reason is brilliantly funny to me.)  After hours of practicing their pitch perfectly - Ed is the Chef of the Past laboriously using dozens of utensils to prepare a meal and Ralph is the Chef of the Future using this new all-in-one time saving utensil - it's showtime and Ralph is paralyzed with fear of live TV. Oh, the buffoonery and physical comedy; you really have to watch it.  

Ralph Kramden (Jackie Glesson) and Ed Noron (Art Carney) pitching the "Handy Housewife Helper" kitchen utensil.

Ralph Kramden (Jackie Glesson) and Ed Noron (Art Carney) pitching the "Handy Housewife Helper" kitchen utensil.

This came to mind as Rush and I are about to make pitches for The Kebo®, Kebo Light and Chomp Stix at the International Gift Show in Atlanta, GA today.  Walking the exhibitor halls, and there are many (no heels for this gal for the next 5 days) you can find thousands of products which are truly innovative and beautiful.  We are most inspired by the creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and back story of the designers, "I couldn't find a <insert utensil name here> that worked the way I wanted so I invented this one."   Right on.  


Unlike Ralph Kramden, ours isn't a "Get Rich Quick" scheme, rather a result of appreciating the design world, taking a risk and loving what you do.  Therefore as retailers and buyers from around the world - both existing customers or potential new ones - stop by our booth, we want to get to know them better, understand their store and customers and see if our products align with and enhance their focus.  The question isn't as much as "Do they love it?" rather, "Can they sell it?" As Albert Maslia, Managing Director of Retail Services for AmericasMart summarizes, the most successful retailers know that they are the purchasing agent for the customer, NOT the selling agent for the manufacturer.  Therefore, Rush3 Product Design Studio listens carefully and tells our story honestly so retailers truly understand our brand and products well enough to make an informed decision.

Fingers crossed we use good grammar. And no, it cannot core a apple.