The Toy Queen meets Chomp Stix®

It's not often we are introduced to royalty, but last month at the Toy Fair we were lucky enough to meet The Toy Queen.   The Toy Queen is also know as Keri Wilmot; she is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 15 years of clinical experience that now focuses on finding developmental toys that promote a child's educational skills.  In addition to giving her son a fun way to eat pizza bites, she comments on the added benefits that Chomp Stix® offer children.  In her words,

"Young school-age children are learning to hold a pencil with their thumb, index and middle fingers. What many don’t realize is that using tweezers and tongs like Chomp Stix can help promote finger strength and coordination, the same skills that are required for a developing pencil grasp pattern for handwriting." 

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