Lindsey Biel OTR/L

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey Biel OTR/L, expert occupational therapist and award-winning author, at the Toy Fair in New York this year and introducing her to Chomp Stix® our child friendly chopsticks.  Along with speaking tours on the subject, she has written two books, Sensory Processing Challenges and Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues. Click here for her impressive website.  It was fascinating to hear her perspective on our Chomp Stix®, especially "Chum the Shark" and their relevance in the world of occupational therapy (OT.)  

"The shark fins are SO perfect in terms of finger placement and promoting that tripod (3-finger) grip that we OTs are always working on."

While these products were conceived as a light-hearted way for children to use chopsticks...and maybe some more broccoli...perhaps their purpose can go a bit deeper.  Thanks to Ms. Biel for broadening the reach.