Arabesque of Naples

Luxurious necessities. Irresistible indulgences. The mission of Arabesque located in Naples, Florida, is to offer the most impressive selection of invitations, stationery and unique, quality gifts.  To us, it seems that Arabesque is one of those places where they pay homage to the craft of writing, to the beauty of fine paper and the discovery of unique and beautiful objects.  

In their words, "At ARABESQUE, the paper clips are Italian clippiolas; the rubber bands are in the shape of flamingos and giraffes; the scissors have leopard handles; the Italian leather goods make working a pleasure; and the extraordinary invitations, stationery, colorful inks and sealing wax make correspondence a way to share a bit of your soul."

We are humbled to have our original Kebo Bottle Opener  in such good company.