Dieter Rams [Less, but better]

At Rush3 studio we are fascinated by designs that edit, distill, reduce to the most simple gestures. Dieter Rams, the German architect turned industrial designer, is a frequent inspiration.  Just two years after graduating from the Wiesbaden School of Art he interviewed for an architectural position at Braun, a German consumer products company.  That was 1955.  In 1961, just six years later, he became the Chief Design Officer for the company, a position he held until 1995. His decades long tenure and portfolio at Braun, in our opinion, brought a rigor to the design of every day products. 



Filmmaker, Gary Hustwit's interview with Dieter Rams gives us a real glimpse at this beautiful mind - from how architecture influences industrial design, to sustainable designs and his 10 points of design. "Good design is innovative. Good design must be useful. Good design is aesthetic design. Good design makes a product understandable. Good design is honest. Good design is unobtrusive. Good design is long-lasting. Good design is consistent in every detail. Good design is environmentally friendly. And last but not least, good design is as little design as possible."

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