Alessi | The Design Factory

"Objects that are not only functional but also express poetry, emotions and values"
Alberto Alessi 


Our fascination with product design may very likely have started with a tea kettle. Laying eyes on "Il Conico" made for a welcomed thought in our young designers' minds - that something used in daily life could be pragmatic yet breathtaking. Aldo Rossi, an italian architect, partnering with Alessi, the Italian Design Factory created the most simple, beautiful and functional kettle we had ever seen.   

Always known for its high quality products, Alessi began in 1921 and now, nearly a century later, has earned the name "Dream Factory" - marrying the public with the "Art and Poetry that they seek." The range of products they have curated (designed, managed design of or partnered) is broad and exciting resulting their current #giftalessi campaign - bringing this design rigor to the masses.